The project “Evaluationof the impact of phosphate fertilizers on the health condition of forests visualized with the photovoltaic SDL BSP” (HESOFF) is carried out jointly by two institutions: the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw and the Forest Research Institute in Sękocin.

The project is focused on the integration of innovative technologies with innovative methods of forest cultivation. Accordingly, we distinguish between two main goals of the project:

Assessment of the activity of phosphites as elicitors of tree resistance to pathogens of the Phytophthora genus.
Implementation and introduction into practice of new methods of assessing forest states and the effectiveness of cultivation through imaging from the Stratospheric Long-Term Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SDL DSP) flight.

Substantive activities are undertaken in the Project:

  • Establishment of research plots
  • Determination of the initial health status of stands and habitat conditions of selected trees on experimental plots
  • Technological preparation of a multi-sensor platform and integration of the platform with the airframe and its onboard systems. Performing flight tests of an airframe with a multisensor platform
  • Carrying out chemical treatments
  • Implementation of a raid over selected forest areas. Annual monitoring.
  • Determination of the health status of stands and habitat conditions of selected trees
  • Estimation of the influence of phosphites on the health of the studied trees and habitat conditions.